About Rick Collingwood

Rick Collingwood

Rick's Making Hypnosis Global

Rick is an internationally renowned Clinical Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer - Author - Counsellor - Public Speaker - Sales Motivator - Corporate Speaker and the principal of Mind Motivations™ & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™.

During the past three decades he's developed a unique style of hypnosis from a combination of Traditional Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Mesmerism. His vast knowledge and practical experience with Mesmerism and Direct and Rapid hypnosis protocols; combined with modern methods blends these techniques into a proven and very powerful therapeutic model.

He's featured in many major newspapers and magazines and on national and international radio and television, on Channel 9's - "A Current Affair" and the "Kerri-Anne Kennerley show" - Channel 7's "Today Tonight"- Channel 10’s "9AM with David & Kim" - Optus Vision - Bris 31 and the ABC. Internationally he has appeared on BBC TV in the UK and Good Morning America - KTLA Los Angeles - the NBC News San Diego and Florida in the USA. He has been a guest on thousands of US radio shows, including George Noory Coast to Coast Radio - The Adam Carolla Show - Valentine 98.3fm - The Joey Reynolds Radio Show WOR New York - The Mancow Show Chicago - Bulldog Radio Show IRIE Ocean City Maryland - KDKE Radio Phoenix Arizona - Sirius Playboy Radio LA - Good Health Radio - Moneydots Radio - WMT600 Iowa - WDJQ Ohio and the Armed Forces Radio Network.

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Qualifications & Background

Rick is an Internationally Renowned Clinical Hypnotist - Hypnosis Trainer - Mesmerist - Author - Counsellor - Public Speaker - Corporate Speaker and the founder of Mind Motivations™ & The Australian Academy of Hypnosis™. His official qualifications include - Dip of Clinical Hypnosis - Adv Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis - Diploma of Counselling - Diploma of Mental Health - B.A. Counselling - Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment and a Diploma of 'Mesmerismus Magnetista' (Mesmerism).

Media Coverage

He's featured on more than fifty TV shows, hundreds of radio shows and in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles. Some of the more notable shows include 4 appearances on The George Noory Show Coast to Coast AM (the world's largest 'progressive' radio show). Twice on A Current Affair and Today Tonight (Australia's most popular current affairs programs) and on ABC Good Morning America and numerous other NBC television shows.

Hypnotherapy Style & Methods

Students of The Global Hypnosis Academy, are able to take full advantage of Rick's extensive knowledge of all the differing forms of hypnosis. The training curriculum includes traditional Mesmerism, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Traditional hypnosis and the truth about NLP. Rick has created a complete and effective training program like no other available. The training program teaches students a combination of Traditional Hypnosis - Mesmerism - Hypnotic Fascination and Direct and Rapid Hypnosis methods. This training is available to you right now.

Hypnosis Achievements

Rick has conducted group and mass therapeutic hypnosis seminars in Australia, the UK and the USA with attendances up to 1000 people. He also performed what is possibly the world's largest ever broadcast of a 'live radio hypnosis session' during an interview on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM, hypnotising more than three million people live on air. The Australian Academy of Hypnosis is  Rick's "in class" training institute and Australia's longest established hypnosis training organisation. Rick is the principle of The Global Hypnosis Academy and The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Since 1992 he's trained more than 3000 students across Australia the US and the UK in the correct and effective use of his unique therapeutic hypnosis styles. 

In 2005 one of the world's first series of Personal Hypnosis CDs was released online and in retail stores throughout Australia, the UK and the USA. After their creation, the Quit Smoking and Lose Weight Now programs were put to the test on 20 random participants each in two groups of 10 volunteers. The participants were independently chosen by the TV program A Current Affair.

The trial produced some remarkable results for the majority of the subjects and soon after the show aired on national television, the success of the programs was astronomical. In 2006 Rick's "Lose Weight Now!" program became the only hypnosis recording ever to win a Gold Aria Award. In August 2008 it went Platinum as did his incredibly successful "Quit Smoking Now" program, whilst the "Mind-Body Healing", "Stress Management", "Happiness & Self Esteem" and "Beat Insomnia" programs all went gold. A truly remarkable feat, demonstrating Rick as one of the top hypnotists in the world today. Between January 2002 and January 2018 "The Life Improvement Series" has sold more than 1,700,000 CD's and MP3's across the world.