Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis

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Imagine becoming an exceptional hypnotist? If you do, the Global Hypnosis Academy is the perfect place to fulfill your dream. This initial Certificate of Hypnosis training is a first step towards the academy's Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. The curriculum is packed full of Videos, Training Manuals and eBooks, all delivered in a step by step easy to follow format ensuring that you to become a competent and effective hypnotist; completed at your own pace in your own time.

The Curriculum Includes... 

  • Live actual in class training hypnosis induction videos
  • Four comprehensive and extensive training manuals covering hypnosis theory & practical applications

The training manuals combine Rick’s decades of personal knowledge & theory on how to PROPERLY induce and use hypnosis. You'll learn everything from the pioneers of hypnosis up to the modern hybrids.

All of the comprehensive training manuals are in a PDF format which you can view on any computer, tablet or mobile device, ePUB. You can add it to your iOS Book Library or Kindle version for Amazon Kindle Readers.

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  • The history of Mesmerism and Hypnosis
  • The various old and modern styles of hypnosis
  • How to apply those styles correctly & effectively
  • Which style of hypnosis to use for various and different purposes
  • How to manage your clinical practice
  • The realities & the limitations of hypnosis
  • When hypnosis should not be used
  • How to induce instant hypnosis
  • How to apply therapeutic hypnosis
  • The dangers & contra-indications of hypnosis
  • How to deal with abreactions
  • Developing your 'hypnotic confidence'
  • Mesmerism & Hypnotic Fascination
  • How to hypnotize almost anybody quickly
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