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Rick Collingwood's - The Complete Modern Encyclopedia of Hypnosis & Mesmerism

Perfect for anyone with a general interest in hypnosis, for those starting out in this marvelous profession and for the experienced hypnotist/hypnotherapist who wants a compendium of all that is needed to know about the history and the practical applications of inducing and using hypnosis amd mesmerism.

Includes three in-clinic full therapy session videos with real clients, to ensure that the unique induction styles in the training section are easy to follow and completely understood.

Induction Videos

Part One

Traces the roots of hypnosis from the days of Magnetism and Mesmerism and the significant figures all the way up to the present day hypnotists and what they have brought to the profession. 

Part Two

Includes complete instruction on how to induce hypnosis and what to use it for once one the hypnosis state has been induced, including Direct Traditional Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Permissive Hypnosis and a special section on the techniques of Magnetism and Hypnotic Fascination and how to learn and use them.

Rick Collingwood

Rick is Australia’s, and one of the world’s, most successful clinical hypnotists and hypnosis trainers and the principal of The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and the Global Hypnosis Academy which have between them trained more than 3000 students in the correct and effective use of therapeutic hypnosis styles and Mesmerism. Enjoy the read.