This Hypnosis "Toolbox" contains resources for academy students and experienced Hypnotherapists who want to continue learning and enhancing their skills

Advanced Diploma Training


The On Line Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis training is suitable for hypnotherapists with previous hypnosis training who want to up skill to the next level.

The curriculum comprises of a comprehensive 265 page training manual filled with information and induction techniques including therapeutic Rapid Inductions, slower Clinical Inductions, Ericksonian and Mesmerism methodologies and 42 (filmed live in class) training videos, demonstrating an array of inductions in real time, plus an entire written and video section on Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination.

If you're serious about enhancing your hypnosis skills building this training is perfect for you. The complete course is delivered in its entirety upon purchase for only US$397.

Rick's - 5 Session Protocols

Perfect resources for those starting out in the profession and also for the experienced hypnotist/hypnotherapist looking for proven "5 session" protocols for Quitting Smoking - Weight Loss and Depression & Anxiety programs.

These programs are 5 complete professional hypnotherapy sessions from start to finish.

  • USD $19.95 for Quitting Smoking Protocol
  • USD $19.95 for Depression & Anxiety Protocol
  • USD $29.95 for the Weight Loss Protocol
  • Or get all 3 for USD $49 at any of the checkouts