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Rick Collingwood is the author of the award winning Life Improvement MP3 series that has helped over a million people worldwide and now we are bringing that award winning series to you! 

Available as instant download on purchase, you can store these MP3 hypnosis recordings on your device of choice, for availabilty at any time or place

The Life Improvement Hypnotherapy Series is Rick's first range of self-hypnosis programs. 

This range has sold in excess of 1 million copies and received 7 Platinum and Gold Records from ARIA.

Using these time-tested proven products is THE best way to make amazing transformations to all parts of your life.

Browse a Selection Of the Best Selling MP3's Below

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Weight Loss Hypnosis) 2. Hypnosis (Weight Loss Hypnosis)

Running Time: 58min:33sec

Weight Loss

A Time Tested Weight Loss Hypnosis Program 

Successful and permanent weight loss is the result of changing your lifestyle and decision making processes – not by a temporary ‘fad’ diet. You can’t eat processed food, fast food, and frozen meals for the rest of your life! Sure you might lose some weight for a while but what happens after you return to your old habits?  

Controlling Your Weight With Hypnotherapy  

Instantly change your mindset towards:  

  • Eating patterns
  • Food selection
  • Light exercise
  • Weight Loss Motivation  

ARIA Platinum Record Status - Sold over 100 000 copies!

Time and time again this program has helped people lose weight safely and easily  

Experience the positive and beneficial suggestions on this weight loss hypnosis program time and time again in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Experience greater clarity, focus and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals now and in the future!  

If you want to lose weight with hypnosis you simply cannot go past this program. It is time-tested and proven to work and is one of the best selling weight loss hypnosis programs ever produced by any author in any country.

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Quit Smoking) 2. Hypnosis (Quit Smoking)

 Running Time: 54mins: 28secs

Quit Smoking

Proven 80% Success Rate on A Current Affair

This Quit Smoking program was tested by a randomly selected group of cigarette smokers on the popular Australian TV show 'A Current Affair'. In a televised trial it showed an 80% success rate for participants to give up smoking. Originally developed in 2001, the Quit Smoking Now program has stood the test of time and has now sold over 250,000 copies. Continually demonstrating to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking, the program has positively changed countless lives.  

How Can Hypnosis Help Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis helps you access your subconscious mind to make powerful changes at the deepest levels. Using this program you can quite literally re-train your mind to not want to smoke anymore, and also empower your mindset to support you in the quitting process. On this MP3 is a proven formula developed by Rick Collingwood to cover every aspect that is important to turn you into a non-smoker. Through hypnosis the suggestions, techniques & processes presented to you by Rick, will become permanently embedded to ensure that you never return to this nasty habit again.  

Created to Help You...

  • Reduce emotional cravings by calming your mind
  • Enhance your overall will-power & self discipline
  • Prepare for 'high risk' situations like alcohol, coffee, eating & stress
  • Remove the triggers that make you smoke
  • Reduce physical cravings through your mind-body connection
  • Quit smoking without gaining weight
  • Develop the confidence that you can do it

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Happiness & Self Esteem) 2. Hypnosis (Happiness & Self Esteem) Running Time: 61mins: 45secs

Happiness & Self Esteem

Creates a Foundation For All Personal Change! This Gold Record (ARIA) accredited Personal Hypnotherapy Program is designed to help you safely let go of depressive thoughts & feelings and overcome low self esteem and general anxiety. You can rapidly regain your self confidence, personal happiness and self esteem safely and naturally with this powerful self hypnosis program! Depression, panic attacks, sleep problems and numerous other emotional afflictions can become a thing of the past.  

Will Compliment All Other Hypnosis Programs. This hypnotherapy program is perfect to get you up and going and feeling good about yourself. Because of this, it is the perfect accompaniment to all of the other programs on this site. There is nothing quite like just thinking positive and being happy without having to even think about it. This is a powerful self hypnosis program and will allow you to bring forth a new mindset to allow this to happen.  

The beneficial suggestions on this MP3 will guide you forward to re-learning and discovering your own abundant talents and potential that may have been latent for many years! All positive personal change can only happen if you want it to happen – choose to be positive rather than negative and embrace all the good things that can happen in your life.  

Designed to Help:

  • Overcome depression
  • Improve self esteem & confidence
  • Become more positive
  • Improve general outlook on life
  • Control your emotions better
  • Go out and enjoy life more!  

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Mind Body Healing) 2. Hypnosis (Mind Body Healing)

Running Time: 56mins: 30secs

Mind Body Healing

This Platinum Award winning program is formatted to enhance and promote the mind body healing connection and to regulate the healing mechanisms of the body.  

This program can help to re create a healthier and stronger you! Switch on your own powerful mind-body connection to help alleviate and overcome almost any physical illness or affliction. The power of the mind to connect and heal the body at all levels is a phenomenal tool to promote a quicker and more comfortable recovery. This MP3 allows you to bring this unique power to the forefront and assist the treatment for any illness including cancer, broken bones, internal injuries, diabetes, influenza etc.  

This exact program was used in the world first hypnosis & cancer trials held in Perth, Western Australia in conjunction with a pharmacist and nine cancer patients. The results were nothing short of amazing as can be seen in the official trial results report and illustrated the overwhelming effectiveness of this recording  

This title is incredibly popular and in 2008 it was awarded a Platinum ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Award after selling more than 35000 copies. More importantly, this program has helped a huge amount of people with a multitude of different physical conditions including Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, even down to the common flu - this recording is as versatile as it is effective.  

Important Information: This program improves the quality of life it does not cure any disease, and it is not intended to replace medical advice or medical care. If in doubt consult your physician.  

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Enhance Your Calm) 2. Hypnosis (Enhance Your Calm)

Running Time: 56mins

Enhance Your Calm

Specifically designed to target anger management problems, this powerful self hypnosis program will help you control your emotions when you feel anger is creeping in. The deep relaxation and spoken hypnotic techniques on this MP3 will help you balance your anger by creating new patterns that will take effect each and every time you become angry. Anger problems normally occur due to a sense of loss or the inability to control a situation or an issue. By re balancing the driving emotions that cause angry outbursts you are able to tackle this problem head on.  

As with all of the personal hypnotherapy audios on this site, 'Enhance Your Calm', if used daily according to instructions, will take you into a regular pattern of deep relaxation. This alone is imperative to helping control the emotions that cause anger. In fact, with a good night's sleep and a daily routine of entering into the realms of deep relaxation, you will make already be making significant improvements towards being calmer and in control.  

To further the process of dealing with anger issues, there is also a number powerful hypnotic direct suggestions on this recording that will embed in your deeper mind the automatic ability to find new ways of dealing with situations that make you angry. It will give you the power to replace feelings of anger with other more positive feelings and to develop a sense of calmness that are more conducive to properly solving problems and maintaining relationships.  

Anger problems are destructive and also hard to admit to. To admit to such an issue requires a great deal of self analysis and courage. If you have an anger problem and have read this far, then it is more then likely that you have already admitted this to yourself. Perhaps you are researching this for a loved one, a friend or family member. Either way - it is imperative that you first identify the problem and then willingly make a decision to fix it for this or any other anger management program to be successful.  

Remember that the power lies within you. If you always do what you have always done then you always get what you have always got. Controlling anger issues is a big step forward to making a better life for yourself and the people around you.

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Creating Abundance) 2. Hypnosis (Creating Abundance)

Running Time: 46mins: 48secs

Creating Abundance

This MP3 will help you create and attract better financial circumstances by utilizing the laws of attraction and developing a strong mindset towards bringing forth abundance in all areas of your life. It help you develop more motivation and an strong drive to set your goals and achieve them in a realistic time-frame. It will assist you to become more positive and embrace the good things that come your way and is especially helpful if you are the type of person who adopts an "I don't deserve it" type mentality and turn it into "I Am and I Will".  

This program was available long before documentaries about 'Secrets' and so forth came out. It has a proven track record of hundreds of success stories because it gives you a direct tool to achieve good things in you life, not just information without telling you how to really use it. Like all the self-hypnosis MP3 prograqms on this site, it Locks In At the Deepest Level all the beneficial techniques and ideas that are contained on this recording so that they become a permanent fixture in every part of your life.  

Australia's leading psychic Deb Webber, star of the TV show Sensing Murder and number one columnist for Australia's leading woman's magazine Woman's Day, used this particular program before she reached fame and was living in a caravan park. After using the MP3 she had an epiphany of sorts when she saw money falling from the sky from the banks of a river. Shortly thereafter everything changed and she landed the Magazine job, became booked out for 5 years with her readings and became an instant celebrity. That began a close involvement between Deb and Rick which to this day is as strong as when she first came upon this program 8 years ago.

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Super Selling) 2. Hypnosis (Super Selling)

Running Time: 55mins

Super Selling

This MP3 download is useful to enhance your communication skills, so that you can become more dynamic and confident around people, especially potential business clients. It will also give you the drive to go that extra mile to become successful in your chosen field.  

Hypnosis is a powerful way to help you become a better sales person because it initiates positive change on so many different levels:  

  • Teaching you how to control your emotions
  • Master your ability to communicate effectively with all types of people
  • Handle rejection so that you can move forward easily with negativity
  • Become driven, confident and dynamic – ready for Success!  

This program is not just for salespeople – it is for anybody who wishes to excel in any social environment and ‘sell themselves’, a fundamental principle of all human interaction.  

Super Selling  

This audio program also teaches you to use the Law of Attraction. Combined with the powerful subliminal messages and spoken hypnotic element, it is a perfect tool to get your mindset geared towards success in business. It will help you develop an unstoppable power or drive to succeed as an employee or to further your own business.  

Simply use this MP3 every night for 6-8 weeks and you will soon automatically become more aware, driven and focused on achieving your career goals. Many sales staff had success using this program to help them achieve higher commissions and bonuses.  

Megan from from Arbonne International, a large sales based company, used this program and within 3 months won the top sales award for her region. The award was a Mercedes Benz! The only thing she said she had done differently from the previous 15 years she had worked with the company without achieving any awards was to use this program. Amazing!

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Pain Free) 2. Hypnosis (Pain Free)

Running Time: 65mins: 20secs

Pain Free

Never Self Treat Undiagnosed Pain - If You Re Unsure Consult Your Doctor  

This self hypnosis program is suitable for any type of pain - from back pain, to fibromyalgia to arthritic pain. It works on two levels:  

1. To calm and relax the mind and create an 'off switch' to reduce pain levels  

2. To activate the mind body connection to help alleviate the pain receptors to a more controlled level  

Using this MP3 program can significantly assist in immediately reducing pain just by entering into the deeply relaxing hypnotic trance which will help distract any pain that you are suffering from. Deep relaxation allows you to emotionally dissipate any pain that you are experiencing by helping to make you calmer, more relaxed and genuinely more comfortable overall.  

With repeated use over the recommended 8 weeks for this program, the aim is to create a new pattern on the deepest of levels within your mind for dealing with pain. It has helped many people to manage pain and live with a more comfortable life on a daily basis. It is completely safe, proven to be effective and a natural and non invasive alternative to managing physical pain.  

This MP3 has proven to be highly effective to help improve the quality of life by reducing physical pain for cancer patients. In saying this, it 100% suitable for all types of illnesses and the subsequent pain from the illness and also the treatment. A little bit of comfort goes a long way when it comes to living with a painful condition. If this program helps make your life easier, which it has done for hundreds of other people already, then we are grateful that we have been able to help you.

Tracks: 1. Introduction (PTSD and Anxiety) 2. Hypnosis (PTSD and Anxiety)

Running Time: 60mins

PTSD & Anxiety

This self hypnosis MP3 shows how, when you don't live up to your own values, you begin to doubt your beliefs and your right to regain self worth. It enables you to realise that this guilt and fear is an illusion and that our self worth comes from deep within ourselves, not from our actions.  

The "PTSD and Anxiety" hypnosis MP3 shows how Illusions of the world not loving you are shown to be the products of your own attitudinal habits of guilt and fear. This program changes your attitude to a new positive and rational way of thinking, creating a new positive and happy future, leaving all your past issues in the past. After listening to this program you will feel more emotionally balanced. Your burden will feel much lighter and you will feel better able to cope. Suitable for all types of PTSD trauma; especially effective for armed service personnel returning from active combat duty.

Tracks: 1. Introduction (Self Worth & Optimism) 2. Hypnosis (Self Worth & Optimism)

Running Time: 56mins

Self Worth & Optimism

Free yourself from negativity and self defeating patterns to create a brighter future. Automatically become a more positive person to always view the glass as a half full rather then half empty. This MP3 hypnosis program will allow you to create more positive opportunities in your life and to also allow you become more happier about who you are and where you fit in.  

It will help you to view the world, and more importantly your own place in the world, with a more optimistic attitude. It is useful to boost your self esteem and to also increase your own sense of self worth. For these reasons, we recommend using the Self Worth & Optimism program or the Happiness & Self Esteem program to assist with all other MP3 titles on this site. This is because these 2 titles both are designed to implement a positive personal platform of self respect, love and a subsequent willingness to take the first step to changing other areas of one's life.  

Self Worth & Optimism is different from the Happiness & Self Esteem recording in that it is more focused on changing the way you view the world to change the way you view yourself, whereas the Happiness & Self Esteem title is more so designed to alleviate depression, self loathing and general malaise.  

This program is perfect to give you that extra positivity to further enjoy the game that we call life.