Rick's Tips

Enjoy these short topic specific video tips and insights on all things to do with hypnosis, being a hypnotherapist, and growing and managing your practice. New videos are added regularly, so don't forget to come back.

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Tip #15 - The C Word


Tip #16 - Internet Forums

Tip #13 - Using-Scripts


Tip #14 - Touching Clients

Tip #12 - Training, when is it enough?

Tip #11 - Growing and Marketing Your Practice

Tip #10 - Success For Clients

Tip #9 -  The Best Induction



Tip #8 - Using The Word Sleep



Tip #7 -  Making Suggestions Stick



Tip #6 - Hypnotism Vs Mesmerism



Tip #5 -  When You Forget Where You Are At.



Tip #3 - Deepening The Easy Way



Tip #4 -  Touching Clients During Hypnosis



Tip #1 - The Hypnotist Is Inside You - Not Out There Somewhere


Tip #2 -  Establishing and Growing Your Hypnotherapy Practice